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A young woman practicing introspection. Based out of California.

Morning Sunshine Somewhere in California.

Solitude; without pulling out a dictionary I’ll share what solitude feels like to me. It feels beautiful and enlightening even when I fall so deeply into myself that I forget the outside. I don’t know if this goes against meditation; I won’t worry about that. I won’t worry about anything at all

The experience of solitude brings about fruits in abundance. The kind of knowledge that allows me to see who I portray to be; the skins that have grown and have yet to be shed. The skins and layers that have become so abundant that I almost feel like physical death would be the only way to free myself.

That would be too easy and unnecessary because I suspect that it wouldn’t be an escape at all. To be alone is to no longer hide from your fears and anxieties, but instead to see them and accept them for what they are. Not absolutes. Not permanents, but transients like everything else here.


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